1514 Collins Sale

Crystal hired Patti to list her home in West Hills Estates, after Patti had successfully helped her buy another home for her family. Patti did an initial walkthrough of the home, that would be listed as a vacant property, to assess condition, amenities, and the value of the home in the current market. Patti made recommendations that would give the home the most boost for the least amount of money. To make the house appeal to buyers updates to the interior where done including paint throughout, new trim, door and woodwork paint, The updated paint colors not only made the house feel more current, it was also selected to enhance the existing amenities to give them a fresh pop. New carpet was installed in in the main living areas to give a new clean feel and compliment the new paint selection. Front & back doors were painted black to give a new regal feel to match the updated interiors. Lastly the home was professionally staged on the main level living area.

“Patti’s experience has been to never list a vacant house, it doesn’t feel like “home”. The right furnishings & accessories helps a buyer visualize maximum use of the space and offers the buyer with a visual picture of furniture placement in the home.”

The first week of listing, Patti hosted an Open House which was a success with Crystal receiving multiple full price offers.

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